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How you can help unfreeze UK State Pensions For British Expats

This clause currently affects 550,000 British Expat pensioners, some of whom are receiving as little as £6 per week to survive on, despite contributing and supporting the UK over many years.

Did you know...?

While the cost of implementing this change will cost the Government £540m, each British Expat, of which there are an estimated 4.4m, saves the government £7,000 on NHS fees alone, simply by not living in the UK.

Join the fight against expat pension discrimination

Since we launched ExpertsforExpats we have tried to provide guidance and support for thousands of British Expats around the world who are faced with this problem and are now calling on you, the British population at home and abroad to take action.

There are various organisations around the world who are committed to fighting this battle and raising awareness, but in truth, the fight is as much in our hands as the politicians.

What you can do to help in three simple steps

Following a number of petitions and calls from the media, two senior MP backbenchers, Sir Roger Gale and Sir Peter Bottomley have submitted an amendment to the Pensions Bill and are keen to get British Expats to petition their MPs to support the amendment to make the change.

You can do this in three easy steps:

Step 1: Find your MP

Whether you still live in the UK or are an Expat go to and enter your current or last postcode before you left the UK.

You will then be shown a profile page for the MP with a link to send a message to them, simply click this link and you’re be taken to “” where you have the chance to enter a message.

Step 2: Download and personalise our letter

Copy the text below into a word document (or download a copy of the letter), which has been approved by a Member of Parliament supporting the campaign, and personalise your details.

Text to copy and paste:

"To: [Enter your MP’s name here]

I’m writing to you as the MP for my last to ask for your support for a removal of Clause 20 from the Bill of Pensions, by signing an amendment tabled on 17th June 2013 by Peter Bottomley

Some pensioners who have contributed to the UK economy for the majority of their life receive as little as £6 per week to survive, whereas the equivalent pensioner living in a country with an agreement with the UK Government could be receiving as much as 120 even though the only difference is their country of residence.

As a British Expat who has and continues to contribute to the UK, I feel it is discriminatory to treat British Citizens differently depending on their chosen country of residence.

By removing Clause 20 we ensure that all British pensioners are treated equally and provide them with the ability to live their lives proud of their nationality and continue to support UK activities at home and abroad.

All I am asking for is your support for a basic human right to be treated as an equal and to continue to fight against all forms of discrimination. Please sign the amendment to show your support.

Your sincerely
<your name>"

Step 3: Send the letter to your MP

All you then have to do is paste the letter into the relevant box on and you message will be sent.

And that’s it.

Help establish equality for British pensioners living abroad

To create the support needed, we need as many people as possible to share this link with your British friends and colleagues and together we should be able to build support to make a real difference to the lives of millions of British Expats who are unfairly discriminated against just because of their choice of country.

Simply click on the following share buttons to raise awareness of this campaign.

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