British Expats Tax Survey

Expat tax affairs can be extremely complicated. The results of this survey will help us produce a range of guides to help answer some of the questions which you have, while also raising awareness of difficulties to policy makers in the UK.

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How complicated would you regard your tax situation? **

Did you have to complete a UK tax return this year? **

If yes, did you use an accountant to help complete your tax return?

Have you ever been penalised for missing a tax return deadline? **

What is your UK tax residence situation? **

Have you heard of the UK Statutory Residence Test **

Which of the following best describes your tax payments? **

How stressful do you find your tax situation? **

Have you or do you expect to receive an income from the UK from the following means? **

Were you aware that the UK capital gains tax rules changed with regards to the sale of UK property?

What year did you move abroad? **

Country of residence **

What is your nationality (eg. British)? **

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