International Financial Adviser Ranking

For many years international financial advisers have been providing professional services to expats, primarily to help them understand the financial opportunities which exist in the expat community.

These advisory firms have a very mixed reputation.

This survey has been created to understand more about how expats feel about these financial advisers and advisory firms and we will publish the results in the form of a ranking of reputations on our site.

Please note that Experts for Expats is independent and have devised a unique methodology to help us rate our findings. At no point will we use this information other than for producing our rankings and the data collected will never be passed to any 3rd parties.

Please note: ** indicates required field

What is your nationality? **

What is your country of residence? **

What year did you move abroad? **

Have you ever pro-actively sought financial advice from an financial adviser while living abroad? **

Have you been approached by a financial adviser while living abroad, without requesting an approach? **

Have you heard of any of the following international financial advisory firms (please check all that apply)? **

Have we missed any advisory firms that you are aware of?

How would you rate the reputation of the following firms (please leave blank only if you haven't heard of the firm)

Abbey Financial Solutions
AES International
Alexander Forbes
Blacktower Financial Management
Blevins Franks
Credenda Associates
deVere Group
Equity International
Finsbury Group
Forth Capital
Gower Pensions
Guardian Global Solutions
Guardian Wealth
Hansard Europe Limited
Henley Group
Investors Europe
Knight Hayes
Liberty Wealth
Offshore Investment Brokers
PIC Middle East
Premier Asset Management
Spectrum IFA
St James's Place
The Fry Group
TMF Group
Trafalgar International

Are your scores for the firms based on (please tick all that apply): **

Have you ever taken advice from an international IFA? **

If yes, what is the name of the firm you have received advice from?

If yes, please rate the advisory firm out of 10 (where 10 is the best rating) for the following

Level of independence shown
Quality of overall advice
Professionalism of the advisor
Customer support once advice was taken
Freedom to allow you to make your own decision
Analysis of your personal situation
Analysis of your risk profile
Handling of any complaints
Performance of financial products against expectation
Overall satisfaction with advice

Briefly, what was the financial product you were receiving advice for (please do not share personal details)

What is the liklihood that you would use this advisory firm again?

Would you recommend the advisory firm to others?


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