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Expat Guide to Asia & Australasia

Last updated: 5 September 2014 at 13:30

Expat Guide to Asia & Australasia

From the bustling communities of Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong to the relaxed way of life on the Gold Coast, Asia and Oceana rank highly on the list of people moving abroad.

For many, the interest begins from a background of long term travelling, maybe after taking a year out and then just falling in love with the variety that the different countries have to offer.

There’s definitely something for everyone in this region, and served up in a way which many, even when they are expecting it, are still taken by surprise.

For a large number of expats, the influence of the economic strength of Singapore and Hong Kong obviously draws many – especially when combined with the colonial past.

The economic growth and power of China is also having an impact which is being felt globally and the growth is set to continue as it increases is connections with the Western world.