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Request a QROPS Review

Tailored financial advice for expats considering a QROPS

If you have a either a UK based personal or occupational pension and no longer live in the UK you may be considering transferring the funds to a QROPS.

Before you do, request independent financial advice which could help you understand the changing landscape of pensions - and establish is a QROPS is the right option for you

Submit your details using the form to receive

  • A full review of your pensions and current/future financial situation
  • A cost/benefit analysis of whether a QROPS is the right choice for you
  • An appraisal of the alternative options and how they could benefit you
  • A detailed report with recommendations for your next course of action

Is a QROPS the right option for you

Due to the nature of international financial advice and how fees are constructed, many advisers will try to push QROPS to any non-UK resident with UK pensions. They will also often choose the option which delivers the largest commission for them, instead of the best option for you.

The advisers in our network are different.

We pride ourselves on selecting truly independent financial advisers who are only interested in building a long term relationship with their clients and in doing so only offer the best advice, independent of commission targets and rewards.

If you are unsure, or are considering a QROPS, our advisers offer a no obligation review of your current situation and an honest assessment of your recommended course of action.

Let us help you enjoy the life you deserve

To book an initial discussion with one of our experts, simply complete the form and, after evaluating your details, we will recommend an adviser for you. They will then get in touch directly with you.

At no point are you obligated to take any advice offered, and you can opt out at any time.

Request a QROPS Review

Request your free QROPS Review

Once you've completed the form, we will review your details before selecting the best financial adviser from our network.