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Most Peaceful Countries in the World

The countdown to Christmas and the festive season has begun, a time of peace and goodwill to all men. But which countries are the most peaceful? Our map helps to show you

Written by E4E Editor on 25 November 2014

As we begin the countdown before Christmas and the holiday season, our thoughts naturally turn to peace and coming together. Whether that’s reflecting on the fabled football match during The Great War in an advert, or helping those in need, we often see this time of year as one of peace.

Where are the most peaceful nations?

We can probably all name some of the least peaceful nations in the world, their stories are very rarely from our screens via the news or the latest social media.

But which are the most peaceful nations? The Global Peace Index ranks countries based on a number of factors including a nation’s involvement in conflicts (internally and externally), transactions and availability of weapons, access to nuclear weapons, relations with neighbouring countries and also crime within the country to produce a surprising picture of the world.

most peaceful countries 2014

The score shown is a re-calculation of the score provided by The Peace Index and provides a comparison out of 100 based on the score provided. A completely peaceful nation would score 100.

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