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Free Guide to Offshore Investments for British Expats

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If you are living abroad, investing offshore can help you reach your financial goals more quickly than through other means such as cash savings.

Benefits to expats who invest, save or manage their wealth offshore range from potentially reducing tax payments to managing your risk and increasing return on investment.

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  • The range of financial products available to you
  • Tax-efficient offshore investment opportunities
  • Managing your wealth through multiple currencies
  • Risk management and wealth protection
  • Investment portability and access flexibility

What happens when I submit my details?

Once your details are received, they will be passed to an independent financial adviser in your area who will be in touch for your review. They will not be passed to anybody else and we promise not to use them for any other purpose.

Investments and your income from them, may go down as well as up meaning that your income is never guaranteed. This could also happen as a result of changes in currency exchange rates, particularly where overseas securities are held or where investments are converted from one currency to another.

It is critical that you get the right advice before making any investment decisions.

Free Guide to Offshore Investments for British Expats

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