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Partner Case Studies

Partner case study

Meet our partner Jamie Favell from The Tax Advisory Partnership

Jamie Favell is a Partner at Tax Advisory Partnership. They are private client tax advisors who focus on clients with an international element to their affairs, including non-doms, non-residents, people with assets overseas and expats returning to the UK or expats working in the UK.

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Case study transcript

Hi Jamie! How long have you been working with Experts for Expats, and what made you decide to work with them?

We have worked with Experts for Expats since 2014. I decided to make contact with Rob after looking at our search engine optimisation. My research had shown that Experts for Experts were getting amazing results for key search terms that were important to my business, so I decided that a collaboration was vital and made contact with Rob. We haven't really looked back since, it's been a good partnership for us. 

How has working with Experts for Expats benefited your business?

We've grown our client base, and those clients are the right demographic to suit our international focus. A wider benefit is that the time spent on consultations helps ensure our working day is fully utilised and productive. We don't have any downtime trying to find prospects, because we're provided with leads on a daily basis by the Experts for Expats team.

What’s more, our reputation as specialists in US and UK tax matters is enhanced by our association with Experts for Expats. The website is held in high regard, so having that connection puts us a step ahead of competitors. Another benefit is that it gives me the opportunity to support my team in developing their consultancy and business development skills – taking the consultations has been a good training field for them.

What’s the best thing about being an Experts for Expats partner?

The opportunities we're provided by Experts for Expats complement our business development strategies and give me the assurance that we're doing all we can to grow our business. As a business leader that really cares about looking after my team, it's important to me that we are not sitting on our laurels and that we're always looking for opportunities to grow our top line and develop our skills. The partnership with Experts for Expats helps me do all that.

What’s the most surprising thing you’ve gained from being an Experts for Expats partner?

The variety of potential clients we've been introduced to is quite surprising. Over the years we've spoken to Nobel Prize winners, knighted individuals, chart-topping musicians, a cast member from Game of Thrones... Clearly they're the exception and not the rule, but there’s often an element of surprise when you pick up the call because you're never quite sure who you're going to speak to.

What words of advice would you offer to new partners to get the most out of their partnership with Experts for Expats?

You need to be honest with what you're prepared to put into the partnership – whether that's finance or time – and what you expect to get back in return. Provided you're realistic, and you make your expectations known to Rob and find that your expectations are aligned, then I've got no doubt that it is possible to be successful. It’s not an overnight thing though, you do have to put in some effort and work, and you do need to understand the type of person you're going to be speaking to and how to get the best out of those relationships.

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What expats say about our experts

I found the session with the consultant to be very helpful in that it helped allay any concerns I had around my choice to manage my pension post-Brexit. I really valued the opportunity to be able to discuss what I was planning with an someone who could give an independent perspective.

Carl P.

Pensions and Brexit introduction in Spain

We needed guidance in transferring our UK pensions into a SIPP. Very difficult to find unbiased information from google searches and it was gratifying to be referred to an expert via Experts for Expats. Very useful and clear help both on the website and from the consultation we had.

Mike H.

Pensions introduction in United States

I was extremely dubious and cautious going into this process. I have two pension pots in the UK that l have been trying to consolidate and rebalance for over a year with nothing but stalling and red tape from the two companies in the UK.

In desperation l followed up a lead from Google. I am glad l did. I will now be able to manage MY money from the US with an engaged and informative partner, instead of dealing with people who have zero interest in growing my accounts.

It’s a big relief and l look forward to developing this relationship wrt the rest of my retirement planning as part of my portfolio. Thanks so much for your help and referral. This is a legitimate organization with the expertise and support expats need.

Joanne E.

Pensions introduction in United States

Quick response, and follow up from the connection that was made - which was professional and trustworthy 

Sarah B.

Uk Tax Return introduction in Netherlands

In my particular case the referral was very speedy., the advisor was very confident, had relevant qualifications and knowledgeable about the legislatives framework and the in relevant jurisdiction and products was clearly up to date with a good fit

Neil B.

Pensions introduction in Australia

I am always anxious about following up on offers such as this because it may result in being bombarded by unsolicited emails. This did not happen and the service was what was promised. Quick, efficient and easy to use 

Pauline M.

Wills introduction in Cambodia

I appreciated the whole Introductory process. It was fast, efficient (lots of feedback) and professional. My query was answered by the recommended company within the 15 minute time frame. I have kept the accountant's name and contact details on record for future reference. This was a great way to locate a professional from a long way away. I am sure I will use the company again in the future.

Gail B.

UK Capital Gains Tax introduction in South Africa

Looking for a tax expert with knowledge of both the US and UK as my circumstances changed was quite daunting. Experts for Expats made it easy - and found me an excellent, knowledgable consultant. 

Simma G.

US/UK tax matters introduction in United Kingdom