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Partner Case Studies

Partner case study

Meet our partner Laura Sant from Carthy Accountants

Laura Sant is a Director at Carthy Accountants. They are a family firm based in Stafford, and Laura specialises in UK expatriate tax, UK tax residency and domicile.

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Case study transcript

Hi Laura! How long have you been working with Experts for Expats, and what made you decide to work with them?

I’ve been working with Experts for Expats for the past 12 months (since summer 2019). I started with an expatriate tax niche but didn't know how to reach my target audience. I did an online search for local experts in my area, Experts for Expats came up top and I immediately saw the appeal. It’s great because you don't pay anything upfront, you only pay at the point that the client has paid you, so it removes any risk. 

How has working with Experts for Expats benefited your business?

The growth in the expat side of the business has really snowballed. Looking at the figures for the past 12 months, through a mixture of direct and indirect referrals, I believe Experts for Expats has brought in about £40,000 worth of business for us, with another £15,000 in the pipeline. We often have customers returning months later after those initial enquiries, and I'm being referred on to other network partners too, so I'm growing my global network.

What’s the best thing about being an Experts for Expats partner?

The sheer number of people I’m being introduced to, and the growth that I'm seeing in this side of the business. In the past 12 months I've had over 400 introductions, so you really do get a lot of bang for your buck! 

What’s the most surprising thing you’ve gained from being an Experts for Expats partner?

I’ve received referrals from other referral partners, and I’ve been surprised by the growth of my global network. It brings in referrals from other sources and puts me in a position to be able to provide the very best advice for my clients. Another unexpected bonus being quoted in the Huffington Post as an expert! That was an opportunity I didn't think I was going to get!

What words of advice would you offer to new partners to get the most out of their partnership with Experts for Expats?

I think the most important thing is to communicate, especially in those first few months. Treat it like a new relationship. You have to explain what it is that you're looking to get out of it and vice versa. 

From my personal experience, I have found that Rob is always willing to help if you could use a few more referrals, or if you’re suddenly very busy and need to get your workload down he will hold off on sending referrals for a while if you ask him to.

The other thing is to treat every referral as though they are a potential client, even though there will always be a few that are just after the free advice! But you never know if they're going to need further advice and be willing to pay for it in the future, or if they’ve had good service from you and might refer you on to other expats within their community.

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What expats say about our experts

I had a speedy response from the website and arranged a call back with the consultant on the same day. My queries were addressed within the first consultation. I can't rate highly enough the service and the consultant I spoke with.

Sohail A.

UK Tax Return introduction in United Kingdom

A really useful service, both prompt and precise.

Gareth A.

Uk Tax Return introduction in United Arab Emirates

Dealing with financial issues from overseas is stressful and difficult. You take away that stress.

Darren C.

Tax introduction in Japan

I learned a lot from the consultant, including very simple things like what inflation is! He explained things very clearly and did not mind explaining simple things. I feel very well informed about all my options after talking to him. Thank you

Rosanna K.

Investment Advice introduction in United States

Contact was fast. Initial consultation was informative and helpful. The consultant was very personable, listened to my questions and was thoughtful and thorough in his responses. In a forum such as this, the consultant must convince the client that they are trustworthy and knowledgeable; The consultant I spoke with did that!

Lucy P.

Pensions introduction in United States

In my particular case the referral was very speedy., the advisor was very confident, had relevant qualifications and knowledgeable about the legislatives framework and the in relevant jurisdiction and products was clearly up to date with a good fit

Neil B.

Pensions introduction in Australia

I'm very wary of website operations (particularly when it comes to government liaisons). But after a check-up on 'Experts for Expats' I decided to take the plunge. Since then I've been very pleased with the professional connection I was offered and the straight forward way it was presented.

Although I've not a lot of experience with this specialized type of service, I can say that if there's a better one on offer they had better be pretty f*cking good.

Michael C.

US Tax Matters introduction in United Kingdom

Exceeded my expectations because of this I feel confident to use fee paying services. Thank you.

Matthew E.

Capital Gains Tax introduction in New Zealand