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Can Americans buy property in England?

“I am American and currently living in the States, but I am interested in owning a property in the UK. Is it possible for American citizens to buy property in the UK?”

Can Americans buy property in England?

In short, yes, as an American, you can buy property in the UK.

That being said, unless you are a cash buyer, finding a lender and the ease of obtaining a mortgage in the UK is sometimes difficult, unless you have resided in the UK for a period of time first. Most expats with less than two years of UK residency are met with much stricter requirements and sometimes, a larger deposit is also expected.

Opening a UK bank account or signing a contract with a permanent job within the UK will improve your chance with mortgage lenders.

Most people investing in the UK property market that come from America take the route of a UK Tourist Visa. This will allow a stay of any period up to a maximum of 6 months in the UK.

However, residing in the UK on any kind of visa will probably significantly reduce the amount of willing lenders too, so it would be a good use of time to do your research and make the necessary phone calls to establish how you plan to finance your investment properly first.

If you plan on keeping your current property within the US while partly living and working in the UK, your dual citizenship could negatively impact your taxes. The US government impose taxes on American citizens for the income they earn, wherever in the world that they earn it. You could be at risk of owing tax to both the US and the UK, which is why it becomes so important to acquire advice from a financial professional to avoid costly errors.

If you are considering buying an investment property in the UK, we can arrange for a free introduction to someone who can assess your suitability and provide recommendations for potential property investments. Please note we cannot assist with visas or provide introductions to conveyancing solicitors at this time.

Last updated: 31 July 2020 at 15:52